Thursday, June 9, 2016


WHY IS THE CORPORATE MEDIA AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ESTABLISHMENT SO INSISTENT THAT SANDERS ENDORSE HILLARY? Is it because they want to enhance Hillary’s chances of beating Trump or is that they are afraid of the independent movement that is behind the Sanders phenomenon? I would say the latter. The following quote from the Tribune Washington Bureau shows how ridiculous their line of reasoning is: “Should Sanders endorse Clinton soon and, equally important, urge his supporters to back her, he could increase his influence in the party.” Does 74-year old Bernie Sanders really care about his “influence in the party?” Does he really have his eye on the 2022 presidential campaign? It’s not about Bernie’s personal ambitions, it’s about developing an independent movement that is not manipulated by the Democratic Party machine. That’s what the political establishment and the establishment media are really concerned about. That’s why Bill Clinton and even Obama back in 2006 refused to come to Connecticut to campaign for Ned Lamont, thus allowing Joseph Lieberman to win the senatorial elections and depriving Democrats of the much-needed 60 senators. They preferred Lieberman (who some may have called a traitor or a turncoat) in the senate to opening things up for a really progressive pole within the Democratic Party. This is what the establishment really fears. What is really at stake is the two-party system that preempts any movement on the left that represents the opinion of the majority of people in the U.S. on a number of key issues ranging from health and education to foreign policy.   


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