Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DONALD TRUMP: “The Slickest Con-Man out of NYC”

DONALD TRUMP’S EXCUSE “I DON’T KNOW THE GUY” GOES WAY BACK IN TIME. THE CORPORATE MEDIA REFUSES TO CALL HIM OUT ON THIS RUSE. Journalist Tom Robbins interviewed by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman shows how Trump (“The Slickest Con-Man out of NYC”) began his real estate career under the influence of the notorious Roy Cohn, Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand man, who after leaving Washington became closely tied to organized crime in New York. Trump cut deals with these same elements and when asked about them, he would routinely say “I don’t know them personally.” This became his modus operandi as he built his real estate empire in New York, and Atlantic City. Trump uses the same excuse when confronted with the fact that he re-tweets messages that he gets from notorious racists. When asked, he responds by saying that he shares the opinion expressed in the tweet itself and that he has no knowledge of who wrote it. The racists view his response as a shrewd way of showing his support for their cause, without getting any flack for it. His refusal to repudiate them empowers the racists who are convinced that he is on board.


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