Thursday, December 18, 2014


Just one more example of the corporate media’s blatant slants. An article in today’s New York Times on the reaction in Miami to the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba, states that the Cuban Five “had infiltrated Brothers to the Rescue, a group of pilots who would scan the sea for Cuban immigrants.” No mention at all was made of the fact that the Cuban government had uncovered plans of a terrorist plot against Cuba and s...hared the information with the FBI in the form of a 230 page report along with five videocassettes and 8 cassettes. The FBI recognized the seriousness and credibility of the allegations and promised to respond in two weeks. Instead of responding they arrested the Cuban Five who had been sent to Florida to get information that would help thwart the plot. Given the countless well-documented terrorist activity carried out in Cuba perpetrated by Cubans in Miami, the official Cuban version would appear much more credible than the one presented in today’s N.Y. Times. Why is the corporate media so afraid of presenting both sides of the story? Isn’t it their professional responsibility to do so?


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