Tuesday, December 9, 2014


If what the report demonstrates is not torture than the word doesn’t mean anything. The Senate’s 6,000 page report on CIA torture documents such horrific acts as rectal feeding (or what they call “rectal hydration”) designed as a way to gain, in the words of the CIA’s chief of interrogations, “total control over the detainee.” The report points out that the torture techniques were so horrific that CIA agents at times attempted to terminate the sessions, but were given orders by senior CIA officials to continue. The report also suggests that the CIA lied about having carried out waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques on a limited number of prisoners. Only the 524 page “executive summary” was declassified. Why wasn’t more of the text (perhaps excluding only the names of the CIA agents) published? Is there more in the way of gory details we need to know?
If prosecutions do not follow the publication of this document, in the U.S. and at the international level, than the system of justice is nothing but a mockery. Remember, Milosevic was jailed by the International Court of Justice and actually died in prison in the Hague during his five-year trial. Will anybody be brought to trial for these criminal acts?  


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