Wednesday, October 1, 2014


According to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, only the U.S. has the right to bomb terrorists in northern Syria. The N. Y. Times reports that Hagel is considering proposing a no-fly zone in order to protect civilians from Syria government bombings. But who is Syria bombing? The same guys that the U.S. is bombing. Does Hagel seriously believe that civilians are immune to U.S. bombing but not that of its adversaries? The same N....Y. Times article indicates that Turkey favors the proposal and quotes Hagel as saying “we will continue to talk about what the Turks believe they will require.” Does Turkey’s sovereignty in Syria trump that of the Syrian government? Hagel’s statement is another example of Washington’s utter contempt for the national sovereignty of non-big power nations.

The same article also quoted Hagel as placing the cost of “the American military campaign in Iraq and Syria at between $7 million and $10 million a day.” You’d never know that social programs in the U.S. are being cut right and left! At second thought, maybe what’s good for the U.S. industrial complex is good for the economy.


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