Thursday, January 15, 2015


PROOF THAT THE “ECONOMIC WAR” IN VENEZUELA IS NOT FICTITIOUS, AS OPPOSITION LEADER HENRIQUE CAPRILES CLAIMS. And proof that large economic groups tied to international capital and to the political right are directly involved.

The Venezuelan government’s occupation of the warehouses in eight states of the firm Herrera C.A. that have hoarded goods, obviously to be smuggled into Colombia, demonstrates these tie-ins. Goods like diapers, detergent, milk and corn flower, which are highly scarce throughout Venezuela and impossible to get without waiting on long lines for many hours, had been lying around for long periods of time in warehouses that the government raided in the states of Falcon, Zulia and Anzoátegui. Herrera C.A. is the exclusive distributor for Kellog’s, Nestle, General Mills and Avelcasa in 8 states, as well as for key merchandise of Procter and Gamble and Pfizer. Peggy Carolina Quijada, an important leader of the right-wing Voluntad Popular (whose jailed leader is Leopoldo López, the darling of the Obama administration), is tied to the ownership of Herrera C.A. There is an arrest order for the Herrera brothers who are currently on the run. For those who read Spanish, check this out (unfortunately you won’t be reading about this in the English-speaking corporate media):



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