Friday, January 11, 2019

Contrary to What the Right Claims, the OAS-Resolution on Venezuela was Hardly a Victory for the Anti-Chavistas.

Yesterday’s vote in the OAS “not to recognize the legitimacy” of Nicolás Maduro’s new term in office was too narrow to be considered a victory for anyone: 19 yes votes against 15 nations that did not sign on. Furthermore, consider the democratic credentials of some of the governments that supported the resolution: Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro who has talked fondly of torture and murder of adversaries and considers members of the environmental movement in the Amazon region as “terrorists”; Honduras’s Juan Orlando Hernández whose re-election last year was widely considered fraudulent, even by the OAS itself, and whose close family members are big-time narco traffickers; Chile’s Sabastián Piñera – the two main parties that backed his presidential candidacy were closely tied to the Pinochet government; Colombia’s Iván Duque whose party is led by Alvaro Uribe with his well-documented ties with narco traffickers and military and paramilitary forces responsible for massive land dispossession; the Paraguay government which is in power thanks to a soft coup. If you subtract these votes from the OAS tally, the resolution against Venezuela was defeated. Yesterday, RT interviewed me on the subject.


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